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Mobius Sequence

The Möbius Sequence

Most people know Mallory Lowe as a cautious mathematics professor until a tragic event forces her to emerge from her cocoon as the gutsy and unpredictable woman that she is. Running on the adrenaline of past regret, she is determined to find her best friend before she is swept up into the tangled threads of the ruthless multinational corporation known only as Möbius.

A CIA agent coerces Mallory as an unwitting operative and drags her into their undercover activities, toying with her in hopes she can help them expose Möbius and their corruption of the World Bank. After several attempts on her life, the agent's ethics dictate he end her involvement, but he finds it too late to slow her down. Mallory's journey traces the footsteps of a three hundred year old mathematical equation through the iconic landscape of Switzerland's Lake Lucerne and into the inner workings of a massive hydroelectric dam in Turkey. She breathes new life into the CIA operation and there, they discover something more deadly and ominous. Racing against time, she must reignite her mathematical mind and again put her life at risk.

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