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The Salvation of Henry Maxwell

Now eighty-five-years old, former mega-horror film star Henry Maxwell is suffering from severe depression and thoughts of suicide. Unforeseen obstacles add to his mental torture while he contemplates the mysterious death of his beloved wife, Lillian, some forty-plus years earlier.

Shadowed by attorney Jessica Barrow serving as court appointed conservator and Professor David Grovene, an expert on celluloid films from the B-movie era, Henry now believes Lillian is calling for him from the grave. Obsessed with her ghostly presence, he must replay the unfinished final scene from his last movie that was never released, believing it holds the key that will unite him and Lillian together in eternal bliss.

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“A masterful suspense novel, dark and gothic, set against the evocative backdrop of bygone Hollywood and murder most foul.”
—Douglas Preston, #1 NY Times bestselling co-author with Lincoln Child of the famed Pendergast novels

“A powerful haunting tale that masterfully blends sorrow and mystery… The emotional depth combined with the intriguing plot twists ensures that The Salvation of Henry Maxwell is not just read but experienced.”
—Books That Make You