Lee Lindauer: The Sava Steps

The Sava Steps

Twenty-five years after the Srebrenica Massacre, the worst genocide in Europe since World War II, survivor Melika Žbanić encounters two vicious men from her past. Intent on revenge, her plans are derailed by disgraced FBI agent Thorne Hightower, who has personal reasons to involve himself in her affairs.

Melika escapes Hightower’s pursuit only to be kidnapped, and taken somewhere in the Balkans where a grim fate looms. With the clock ticking, a persistent Hightower follows clues to her whereabouts—and by chance meets Melika’s daughter Valery, a physically impaired but gifted young woman determined to confront her own existence—and soft-spoken Victor Alvarez, whose sole purpose in life is to keep his wife alive. Amid the splendor of a desolate mountaintop nouveau riche hotel, they find themselves locked on an emotional collision course between brutality, and the GIFT OF LIFE.


“Original, entertaining, deftly scripted with memorable characters and a roller-coaster of a plot…”
Midwest Book Review

“Author Lee Lindauer, an engineer by trade before turning to thriller novels, uses the tools and techniques of his original vocation to develop well-researched and tightly conceived stories and complex and well-defined characters, clearly evident in his most recent work, The Sava Steps

The Sava Steps will indeed get readers’ blood flowing. The author has combined an intricate plot with fine detail and much to think about. He gives us complex, flawed characters for which we feel their anguish, fear, desperation and the focus on the specific objectives at hand….

Dare we say that Lindauer has ‘engineered’ a masterful work with all the elements you’d hope for in a thriller. The pace is swift, the writing crisp, and the overall experience one that will encourage readers of this genre to proudly add this book to their shelves.”